International Ambitions

“Our goal is to have exports account for 50% of our business within the next five years.” With these words, new CEO Tristan De Witte set out his strategy and vowed to elevate Roger Pradier to a leading position in outdoor lighting, not just in France but worldwide.

His ambition is rooted in the fact that “Roger Pradier heads the market in France, and we must consolidate this position while also leveraging the quintessentially French appeal that characterises the brand. That way we can capitalise on Roger Pradier’s growth potential across Europe, in the United States and in Asia.”

De Witte’ taste for a challenge was no doubt acquired during his former life as a regatta racer, where his navigation skills and ability to lead his teammates to success left him with the demeanour of a captain at the helm of his ship.

Born into a family of Belgian textile industrialists in 1979, he grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit that has shaped his professional life.

He worked at Bpifrance for ten years, managing investment funds focused on companies in the realm of big brands and rarefied expertise. Eventually his inquiring spirit led him to wonder how he could make the most of the potential offered by French industrial craftsmanship. He saw an attractive entrepreneurial opportunity in Roger Pradier, and in January 2017 he bought the company.

His ambitions for Roger Pradier are built on solid foundations:

1. The brand's strong potential for creativity and innovation, with the combined talents of its in-house designer and collaborations with guest designers who bring a new narrative and style
2. Highly flexible teams and production facilities, affording specifiers an "almost made-to-measure" service measuring up to guaranteed industry standards
3. Technical virtuosity and outstanding manufacturing know-how built up by Roger Pradier’s staff over a hundred years.

Underpinned by this solid foundation, Tristan De Witte plans to propel Roger Pradier to international prominence by building on the brand’s combination of excellence, creativity and innovation.