BELCOUR: the "farmyard" style

Rogier Pradier, a frequent visitor to the elegance of prestigious dwellings, castles, villas and bourgeois homes donned with light fixtures in academic styles, has updated the "2CV" of outdoor lighting, offering a luxury version of "farmyard style". It was popular in more ways than one. Inexpensive as it was produced in quantity, this light fixture with a charm of yesteryear was to be found in most rural households. It lit the entrances of farms for disoriented visitors, and enabled you to find your way in the dark in the absence of moonlight or gas lights.

Simple and effective, the aptly-named Belcour is now available in ten classic shades and styles, from the most retro to the most unlikely - the age-old wall fitting, and now also pendant, bollard and one to three-light lamp post versions. This is a comprehensive collection which is the ideal choice for harmonising all of your outhouses.

The simple lines of Belcour will please those nostalgic for the rustic countryside. This model is authentic, with its recognisable back-to-basics design, a swan neck bracket, coloured dome lined with a white lacquered aluminium reflector covering the globe diffuser, which is available in clear or frosted glass.

The innovation here lies in the choice of light - filament or energy-saving lamp, for the more ecological customers, and also in the simplification of installation with the plug-in system used for the wall fitting and push-in terminal block for the rest of the range. An opening at the foot of the lamp posts and the bollard also make operating the fixtures easy.

With the Belcour range, Roger Pradier gives farmyard style a longevity that is on a par with its reputation, along with a 25 year guarantee. This gift will delight those who love simplicity and quality.