Roger Pradier :
traditional outdoor lighting designer - a non-conformist and timeless leader

Traditional company.

When the pioneer Roger Pradier decided to go into manufacturing wrought iron lanterns for individual homes, following the footsteps of his father who started the firm in 1910, he could not have imagined that a century later this company would still be manufacturing lights with the same know-how passed on from generation to generation. 2017 - different times, a different era; while customers' needs have evolved, their expectations remain the same. Outdoor lighting has to withstand time, whatever the fashion may be. The "Place des Vosges" and "Vieille France" classic styles are examples of these expectations. In the catalogue over 70 years, they are symbols of lighting "à la française".

Handcrafted lighting.

The success of the company Roger Pradier lies, in part, in the preservation of manufacturing techniques derived from tinsmithing, carefully kept by a paid workforce proud of the activity that they have contributed to growing. Loyal to the different managers that have guided and supported them in their adventure, the workers have become guarantors of a tradition which is nowadays marginal. The manufacture of lanterns such as it was introduced in the early 20th century has grown scarce in France. Training and retaining specialists in this artistic profession is a challenge, despite the passion that drives them. This authentic luxury with meticulous details is nonetheless affordable, with production costs calculated as tightly as possible. Tristan De Witte, current CEO of this living industrial heritage takes care of maintaining this balance.

Roger Pradier synonymous of lighting.

Renowned for the quality of their materials, with a corrosion-resistant aluminium treatment guaranteed for 25 years, Roger Pradier lighting fixtures bear a label which is confirmed upon use. The checks and standards to which each new piece is subjected back up customers' reviews.
Today, Roger Pradier benefits from an undeniable renown with a production of 80,000 lighting fixtures per year for a company of fewer than 50 employees, the company has become synonymous with outdoor lighting. This brand equity, strengthened by the diversity of the pieces displayed in the catalogue, available in 26 colours, benefits from an international reputation.
21% of the lighting fixtures are currently exported to forty countries. Roger Pradier wants to strengthen its international presence in years to come, particularly with its contemporary range.

Competitive leader.

In order to keep and to deserve this position as leader in France, Tristan De Witte has built on innovation in tradition. Looking ahead is at the core of our concerns. In the production process, each model selected from the catalogue can be manufactured and delivered within ten days from receiving the order.
This responsiveness can also be seen in the design stage. The result of specialised expertise, each innovation from Roger Pradier is enriched by the thought processes of the sales team, constantly in contact with its network of retailers.
The quick connexion system developed for posts and brackets of four models is part of this process. This little manufacturing bonus makes assembly and upkeep easier. Each lighting fixture thus has added value, which is decisive at the moment of purchase.
The latest produced by Roger Pradier, christened "Lampiok", inspired by the emblematic four-sided lantern which brings together Roger Pradier’s experience, inventiveness and culture of quality.
Gain more exposure while continuing the work of an entire family - this is the task that Tristan De Witte has set himself. The Roger Pradier brand celebrated its 100th anniversary without having aged a bit!